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My Very First Job


I just want to say that i finally got My Very First Job^^

My job is kinda hard... it's because this job mostly include all of those chemistry stuff and the worse is... im weak.. i mean.. my brain is weak with this kind of stuff...

But, i had to thankful that i got accepted.
Since i really need a job XD

I'll start eorking tomorrow morning at 7 am.
yeah, that's really early, but it's gonna be awesome since i got accepted as An Assistant that Responsible in The Chemistry Laboratory, sounds very cool huh?!
I thought that too^^
and it's really sounds so much awesome ne^^

Well, I just told my daddy that i got accepted.
And he called me by phone. He got confused because yesterday i told him that im applying to the Pharmacy/drugstore. but when i told him that i'll work at the Laboratory he just... confused. LOL

But, My daddy is really happy thou..
he told me to be carefull at my work place, and i have to be diligent. I said Yes, because it have to be like that. My daddy said that because he knows that im his such a reckless little girl XD

Well, Im happy thou...
next month, I'll get my first paycheck^^

I hope i'll doing well with my work^^

Jaa... i'll be missing my fangirl life.

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