reira_arioka (reira_arioka) wrote,


I'm past my Pharmacognosy's Exam today...^^

Thank God...
and Thank Yabu Kouta...
Well, thank for My Self too...

I can past because i desperately memorizing 32 Latin's name of Plants
It's just drive me crazy...and everytime i get bored i can't help but calling Yabu's name to get back my concentration again... >////<
I don't know how much i called Yabu last night...
about a Hundred time or maybe more...

I can't help not to calling his name.
By just calling his name, i don't know why, it's just give me courage to do more than i can do^^
It must be A MIRACLE, right?! ^^

Well, Thanks to him that i can do much than before.
Thank god that i know him.
He's my life role models.

Arigatou ne, Yabu-kun^^
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